Neighbours coming to the US!

Neighbours is coming to the US! Now you may all share in my secret addiction. (Except for you British weirdos, who are even more obsessed with it than the Aussies.) “That’s when good neighbours become goooood frieeeeends…”


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  1. Whaddaya mean, “weirdos?” Neighbours is perfect for those times when you’ve had a hard day at work and you don’t want to have to think to hard for twenty-odd minutes. (I usually watch it when I’m doing my ironing.)

  2. Oh, I totally agree. I just think it’s weird that the English seem a lot more into it than the Aussies. 🙂

  3. secret addiction is so correct! it is my “cooking dinner” show, and someone should bring in an Erinsborough Stalker to kill off the extremely annoying Karl and Izzy…

  4. Agreed! I’d also like to kill Channel’s 10’s promotional staff for their extremely manipulative and misleading previews. Last week they showed the clip of Skye and Boyd breaking up and I’m ashamed to admit I was all, “What? No! They can’t!” But what they didn’t show was that in the actual episode, five seconds after they broke up, Skye was like, “I don’t wanna break up,” and Boyd was like, “Me neither”, and they instantly got back together. Bastards!

  5. Don’t get me started. I was right into the Susan/Karl separation thing. It’s disturbing how emotionally involved I am 🙂

    Neighbours kicks Home & Away’s butt any day of the week.

  6. I thought Susan was a bit mousy and annoying at first, but now I’m totally on her side. I’m loving her new look, too. 🙂

    I can’t even watch Home & Away. The crappy digital video just looks all pixelated and cheap to me.

  7. Yes Yes Yes.

    I used to rush home from school to see it when we were in London. I called BBC America when my parents first got it a few years ago, and tried to get them to pick it up.

    I am sure Billy and Anne and the gang have moved on, but man oh man am I excited.

  8. I haven’t been watching long enough to know when “the arrival of the Scully family” happened. I wonder how far behind the US show will be. Any Aussies have a mental timeline?

  9. Scully family arrival – at least several years ago (oh dear, now I’m really showing my hand, aren’t I?). Heh.

  10. That was when Holly Valance came on, wasn’t it? I missed her entirely, and I only caught a couple Delta episodes. My Neighbours viewing has been almost entirely popstar-free!

  11. The US broadcasts are starting out with episodes which were shown in the UK in 2000.

    (And no, I’m not a Neighbours geek. I looked up that date when I emailed an American friend who had picked up a bad Neighbours habit when she was in the UK in the late 90s to tell her she’d be able to feed her addiction again. Honest.)

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