Congratulations to my sister!

Congratulations to my sister, who just got engaged last night! She’s planning a Thanksgiving wedding… which means the Snook and I will once again be gracing the land of Red, White, and Blue come November.

On a totally unrelated note, her e-mail also contained this announcement. “ATTENTION: It has been determined that the strange, filmy, silvery trails occasionally noted on the carpet in Amy’s apartment can, indeed, be attributed to SLUGS of some sort.” She’s kinda freaking out a little about that.


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  1. Ha Ha Ha. Now you’re involved in planning a wedding. Welcome to fourth level of hell!

    Congratulations however. Another one bites the dust Kris?

  2. Wha???? That’s great!! Everyone’s dropping like flies, FLIES I TELL YOU!

  3. Laugh it up, Major. You may find yourself cat-sitting for a week. 🙂

    Yeah, Jenny, she’s trying to spread the word through the fam as we speak. They’ll probably have the ceremony in Elkhart. Meanwhile, I’ve got to find a pattern for pig-trough-dancing-socks…

  4. Thanks, sis!

  5. amy (not your sister)

    March 23, 2004 — 6:22 pm

    I can lend Major the birdie DVD if Amy likes it. We shall see.

    I say you two should hold out and have a get married on your 25th anniversary. 😉

  6. Then she’s going about it the right way: telephone, telegraph, tell Jenny. 🙂

    And really, after the fiasco that is my friend’s wedding planning for May 1st, I’ll have to say it’s at least the 6th level of hell. New Jersey is not a great place to have a wedding OUTSIDE that early in the year. I hope I can find a coat to compliment my ‘euro-periwinkle’ dress…oh, and my dyeable shoes. Welcome to 1984

  7. wow, congratulations to both you, the sister, and to Amy! Planning a wedding is definitely hell. I am in the middle of it right now myself. The planning really isnt so bad, it’s all the stupid TINY decisions and working with the inlaws….pain in the ass, I tell ya.

  8. congrats, amy!!!

  9. You know, if she’d only get off her butt and get her own damn blog then you could all congratulate her there! (Hint hint, Sis.) Although, then you’d all be subjected to the daily wedding planning updates I imagine I’ll be receiving in my Inbox every day. I’ve already gotten the first “Amy’s-head-Photoshopped-on-a-bride” image. 🙂

  10. oh man, and i just sent you an email before i checked this…and it was just that. a wedding planning update! shit. thanks at least for not putting up the photoshop image…that speaks what a year’s worth of blog from me would say. “I’M CRAZEH!”

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