Three years of OS X

“Ars Technica takes on three years of Mac OS X.” The article is a nice overview of the changes OS X has undergone since its debut. I’ve been there pretty much from the beginning: Snookums buys me OS X; I track down the 10.1 update; the 10.1.5 update kills my machine; we make a special trip to buy 10.2 at the Apple Road Show; I cheat and have a student friend buy my copy of Panther so I can save a hundred bucks. Good grief, that’s a lot of money and effort to expend on an operating system. But on the plus side, my mom finally got it installed on the Powerbook her office gave her. “I can’t tell anybody,” she said, “but I really like it!”

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  1. Having only Switched around 10.2.3 I’ve only had to pay for one update so far, but so far I think that I prefer the Apple approach (major paid updates every 18 months or so with lots of interim updates) to the Microsoft approach of huge, costly system changes every three years.

    At least with OS X the operating system runs faster on the same hardware as you jump from 10.2.* to 10.3: not something you see in the Windows world.

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