I am a slave to marketing.

I am a slave to marketing. After two days of being home sick, I got it into my head that the only thing that would cheer me up was a beautiful, soft new Bonds hoodie. It’s those damn commercials! After a quick trip to Kmart, I’m sitting here in fluffy pink comfort. Ahhhh… (And if anybody else is wondering, that awesome “Little Red Riding Hood” song is by Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs.)


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  1. I see you wearing the hoodie! looks cute. (I’m not trying to be creepy, honest)

  2. Hi Amy! And Kris.
    You’ve got to love the Bonds.
    And I don’t think it is creepy as long as you leave a message after you watch!

  3. Oh good God. Today was *not* a day of cuteness. It was a day of running-a-fever, wearing-old-sweats, and feeling-like-ass. But I’ll pretend to believe you. 🙂

  4. well this might make you feel better. After talking to the hubby about this whole permanent resedency thing he reminded me that once we put our applications in the process really only took like 3-4 months. What took 2 years was the WHOLE process, collecting all the info, waiting for the letters from all over the US, etc…
    So don’t dispair.

  5. heh heh- remember my “sick outfit” i wore for like 3 weeks straight freshman year? grey sweats and a grey and blue striped long sleeved t? i’m sure you look cuter in your red hoodie than i did. feel better!

  6. Oh good… I mean, the process for me has technically taken over two years already, because I had to submit everything back in 2002. This was just a follow-up to turn “temporary” into “permanent”. So I’m crossing my fingers it won’t take too long.

    And yes, RT, I remember the sick outfit. Didn’t I draw a Roomater picture with you in it? 🙂

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