The L Word

The L Word debuts on Australian TV tonight. Anybody watched it? Is it good?


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  1. We have Showtime, but haven’t watched it. However, the reviews I’ve noticed have been pretty positive overall. As a very general rule, the Showtime series’ tend to be well-done.

  2. oh, cool, I’ll have to tape it, that is way past my bedtime. I saw the ads in BUST

  3. yeah, it’s GOOD. although, i might be a *tad* biased. 😉 give it a couple of episodes, b/c the pilot’s all about attracting viewers (ie SEX), with the subsequent eps being WAY better. in fact, its quality (stories, character development, production, guest stars) makes queer as folk look like a joke.

  4. it’s so much better than QaF. i’m enjoying the character development in this one as well as the storylines. you really don’t know what to expect.

  5. did you watch it? what’d ya think?

  6. I missed it. Stupid flu medicine knocked me out. I’m hoping Amy managed to tape it…

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