Unemployment rate chart

Bush’s term as President has seen more American jobs lost than any other President since Herbert Hoover. Check the chart. Pretty damning stuff. I still don’t get why anybody would vote for him. (Pssst, Sis, show this to that Republican fiance of yours.)


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  1. A semi-official stat that I read today has 15% of people (at most) changing their minds before November. Sometimes I have to remind myself that the sound-bite commercials (on both sides) aren’t aimed at me… it would take a lot to change MY mind 😉

  2. That chart isn’t even as damning as the truth – it’s from an official government source which doesn’t count a lot of things. For instance, people who are now so disillusioned they are not actively looking for work are not considered “unemployed.” And people (like me) who have been unemployed for over 6 months – and thus their benefits have expired, are not considered “unemployed.”
    As for people changing their minds . . . all we have to do is get a few people in Ohio to do it, and the Dems will win in Nov.

  3. Hmm… I’m registered in Indiana, which will never go Democrat in a million years. I wonder how difficult it would be to establish my US address in Ohio…

  4. I live in Ohio and I think a big problem here is getting college kids registered to vote using their current address!!! Most of my friends are registered to vote in their hometown, which is up to 3 hours away from where we live now. They are not going to go “home” just to vote. Therefore I’m printing off change of address forms for all of my anti-Bush friends.

  5. Our President is like a bad used-car salesman. Everything he has done has turned to crap, but he still comes at us with the hot air, half-truths, and distortions about how much better off we are with him and why we should buy from him again. … Sara, does Ohio have absentee ballots? A lot of get-out-the-vote efforts focus on absentee ballots.

  6. I remember at Notre Dame a few years back the student newspaper had a fawning story about some undergrad who had flown home to New York City to vote. They were playing it up like she was some great citizen or something. I’m thinking, no, she’s just a silly rich wasteful idiot. Hasn’t she ever heard of an absentee ballot? She could’ve taken the money from the plane ticket, bought a stamp for her ballot, and donated the rest to charity. She was a Republican, of course.

  7. I love the comedian who pretends to be Bush on the Jay Leno show. He’s got a lot of the mannerisms down 🙂

  8. I’m an idiot…I didn’t even think about absentee ballots. I guess I am just thinking long term. Since my friends and I have lived in this city for 6 years and we all plan on staying for several more it makes more sense to me to just get a change of address.

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