Have any of you ever had a wart? I never have but I noticed this morning I’ve got a very small, shiny little bump on the side of my thumb. It’s tiny, like the size of a pencil point. It doesn’t hurt or anything but now that I’ve found it I just can’t leave it alone. I don’t know what it is. It might be a burn from an oil splatter while cooking dinner, or it could be a friction blister from my knitting wool. Or – as my paranoid brain guessed this morning – it could be a wart. Any ideas?


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  1. this has nothing to do with warts whatsoever, but i just had to share- are you familiar with the band The Darkness? not sure if they’re getting airtime in australia yet. but you have to check them out- they are awesome! total glam hair metal like you haven’t heard since the 80’s. eri and i went to a show on saturday and got picked out of the crowd and given backstage passes. the show was a blast and the band guys were really nice, and surprisingly normal (they had already changed out of their ridiculous spandex unisuits). people either love them or hate them, and i love them!

  2. i’ve had warts on my fingers before, and they were usually rough on the top and never all that small, so you’re probably alright. if it does turn out to be a wart (or to just be on the safe side), cover it with duct tape. apparently that stuff is just as effective as over the counter topical treatments. for real!

  3. Dont try and cut them off with scissors. I tried to do that when I had one on my elbow when I was about twelve. It has this massive root thing that you have to then pull out and the whole thing bleeds continuously for about 4 hours non stop. Alot of blood.

  4. What the hell are you doing commenting here, Major? Aren’t you supposed to be on your honeymoon?!

    Yeah, I’ve heard of them, ‘Reen. They’re really big in the UK right now, I guess. They haven’t hit big here yet though. You were always more of a Rock fan than me… 🙂

  5. I once ‘caught’ a wart on my foot from a public swimming pool (my whole swim class suddenly had them all over their feet, eww). My GP wrote a prescription for some wart killer stuff you apply to the wart twice a day. It died eventually and have been wart-free ever since.

  6. Wart are you lot on about now?

    I had these wee beasties before I’m sure for my one though I had to use some kind of stone to grind it down. Maybe I’m thinking of something else 😉

    When you’re young you dont take note of everything as you’re too busy battling with the ikky taste of medicine etc.

  7. I think it’s just another of those weird things we all inherited from our messed up gene pool. Kim & I (and, really probably the other 2) get these random little bumps on our hands. They don’t hurt or itch or anything and they eventually go away.

    Woo! Let’s hear it for genetics!

  8. I think mine is actually gone already. I’m pretty sure it was just a tiny, tiny blister. I fried some meatballs the other night and the oil was really poppin’, so I probably just had a little burn. But thanks everybody, for sharing your DISGUSTING stories! 🙂

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