Jann is now updating his site on a more regular type basis, thus my putting him in the “weblogs” list has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. *grin* Although I really wish he’d kill whatever funky javascript he’s using that prevents me from linking to him with my Blogger bookmarklet.


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  1. Have you got a specific error code for that? I use a little code for the title sliding thingy and a little bit more for the IE only-who cares about the ‘scape-table cell colour change.

    I’ve started doing this by hand with a couple of included files because, as is obvious, I still have nothing to say and can’t be bothered to do the code to automate it…

  2. It doesn’t generate an error. Normally when I want to link to a page, I just hit the bookmarklet in my Links bar. It pops up a little window with the link pre-generated, and I just add the text and hit ‘Publish.’ Here’s the bookmarklet code:


    When I hit it on your site, nothing happens at all.

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