Sydney Royal Easter Show photos

Snookums and Mr. CornOur photos from the Sydney Royal Easter Show are now up! The Show is basically equivalent to the State Fair around here. There are lots of farm animals and rickety carnival rides and junk food, and everybody spends too much on souvenirs they don’t need. Snookums, Amy, and I headed out there last Saturday for some down-home Aussie country fun…

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  1. I loved the photos.
    Thanks Kris. It makes me miss you guys
    so much more though.
    On the Easter video….you make the cutest bunny.

  2. Awww, thanks! I wish Amy’d scheduled her wedding for Corn School though…

  3. sorry dude. not happening. you’ll have to settle for the fact that the reception is being catered by….RULLI’S! yeah baby!!! 🙂

  4. NO. FRICKIN’. WAY. That automatically makes it the most awesome wedding I’ve ever heard of. Are you really going to let them make pizza and spicy wedges and pasta? Because if you do, I’ll wear whatever damn bridesmaid dress you want with a big-ass smile on my face. 🙂

  5. Shame you didn’t get to see my silkies before the fox did! They were very cute but also very dumb (even for chooks).BJ

  6. well…so far on the menu for catering that i saw, there was no pizza or spicy wedges. but i’m sure we could have them make a special plate up and bring it for you, you special crazy, crafty maid/-tron (?) of honor sister!

    p.s. what the hell is up with that cryptic-ass message from “bev” ???

  7. That’s my pseudo-mother-in-law you’re talking about, you dork! Yeah, Bev is also known as Ma Snook. She was referring to the silkie chickens she had that were killed by a fox. I took a picture of a silkie at the Easter Show… which you obviously didn’t see, you wedding-obsessed meanie! 🙂

    (Make sure they provide their house salad dressing. It’s really yummy. At the very least I’d like a side bowl of it to go with my potato wedges. Thanks.)

  8. And wait a second… “Maid-tron of Honor”? I thought I was just going to be a bridesmaid?? But if I’m not, I definitely want to be the Maidtron of Honor. That makes me sound like a robot. Can I wear a silver dress?

  9. I think you should wear the big corn costume to the the Maid-tron of honour….

  10. Well now that the discussion has gotten around to the wedding again, (I wasnt sure if that was gonna happen anytime soon) 🙂 I need the help of the web-goddess readers to guide my design of this pig trough. Should it be really heavy duty like so that it will take lots o dancin to break it or should I make it so that it will break easier? Oh wait I think I smell a possible new WG poll??? Also does anyone know if there are plans or blueprints to build something of this nature? I wouldnt want to make it to hard or anything but it shouldnt be easy either, maybe just long enough so that there can be some good video footage. Ya never can tell when ya may need to use it to blackmail someone.

  11. I just heard on the news that over 139,000 Dagwood Dogs (aka Corndogs) were consumed at the Royal Easter Show.

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