An Easter Message from Kris and Rodd…

An Easter Message from Kris and RoddHappy Easter!
Apologies for the silence… I’ve been enjoying the holiday weekend. I’m happy to announce that I have just completed my second movie: An Easter Message from Kris and Rodd. (I’m starting to regret dropping that Film Production class!) We spent yesterday at the Royal Easter Show – photos are forthcoming – but otherwise we’ve just been enjoying ourselves. Today we had a nice quiet day of knitting and brewing, and we celebrated in the evening with a leg of lamb and a bottle of wine. Thankfully much chocolate was consumed and there was nary a Peep in sight! I hope your holiday was as nice as ours…


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  1. Excellent production!

  2. so, that’s what harvey looks like when he stops being invisible! happy easter, kris!

  3. Hehe. Thanks. And hey, I’ll be finally sending off my package to you this week. You’re still at home in Melbourne for a while, right? Sorry it took me so long! Not much of a “Get Well” package if you’re already well by the time you get it… 🙂

  4. So cute! We had the traditional roast leg of lamb, too. Mmm…

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