Online driver’s test

Bookmark for later: Online practice test for Australian driver’s license.

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  1. Rats I failed the test and I only missed 4. The whole driving on the left thing got me on a couple and the drinking and driving got the others, by the way what the hell is a ‘middie’ anyway? And only .02 whats up with that?

  2. Heh. A middie is a size of beer. In pubs here you most often drink “schooners”, which are slightly smaller than a British pint. Probably about 15 ozs. A middie is even smaller, about 10 ozs. I rarely ever see men drink middies, and when they do I make fun of them. They’re for wussy little girls who can’t drink a whole beer. It’s like a child’s cup of beer.

    Wow, you only missed four? I haven’t actually tried it yet since I haven’t read through the road manual. Hmm, maybe it won’t be as hard as I thought!

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