Information on calico cats

I just found some interesting information on tortoiseshell and calico cats. Did you know that if you clone a multi-coloured cat (like ours), it’s impossible for the offspring to be multi-coloured too? That blows my mind.


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  1. What I love most about calico cats is that U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft has a phobia about them (which may or may not be related to Satanism).

  2. Hello! I was cruising the blog scene (a good friend of mine who is also a Yank in Sydney has one) and somehow or another I found my way here. Nice place! Have you been to my website?



    Yanks Down Under

  3. Greg, that’s AWESOME. Now I’m having a fantasy in which I run up to Ashcroft with my cat and he screams and turns into a big pile of sand, like in The Mummy. Ha! (I can’t seem to get to your website… Is blogspot down?)

    Hi Tori, thanks for stopping in! I’ll definitely be checking out the boards.

  4. Nevermind, Greg, I got it. Just needed to remove the http://www...

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