Bloody kitty nose?

Help! Can cats get bloody noses? I just noticed when I got home tonight that Dr. Amy Jones has something black in one nostril. I figured it was either a bit of lint, or maybe a piece of food that stuck to her while she was rooting around like the little pig that she is, but when I tried to wipe it away I realized it was pretty firmly stuck. Now I’m thinking that it’s a bit of dried blood. Have any of you ever had a cat get a bloody nose? I called the vet and they said she’d probably be okay, just to watch her over the weekend and bring her in if it gets any worse. She might have just scratched herself or run into something, right? Put me at ease, here.


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  1. If she starts acting different get her to the vet. But your first instinct was probably right, Sparky gets all kinds of crap in his eyes and nose. But he’s a piggy too.

  2. with mina it has only ever been deeply ingrained dirt. it is quite a common thing with cats and can at times be hard to clean. don’t stress too much. if her nose gets blacker or she stops acting like herself then get thee to a vettery!

  3. Hmm, maybe it *was* dirt! I just checked her and it seems to be mostly gone. Silly little pig-cat. Thanks for sympathizing, guys!

  4. My kitty gets lil’ kitty boogers (or at least that’s what I think they are) stuck to his nostrils all the time and they sound like what you’re describing. He doesn’t let me wipe them off his nose often, but usually they’ll go away in a little bit by themselves. He’s had these for years and has never had a problem. I hope that helps.

  5. my cat oreo has gotten a bloody nose before and now he has another one and he acts like he is depresed he lost a lot of blood i gave him some tuna fish and soft food because he wouldnt eat his regular food. The bloody nose has stopped now can u tell me what this is from?

  6. No. We aren’t vets. This is a weblog.

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