Birthday Color

What’s your birthday color? Mine is “Blue Fog”. It’s boring and the description isn’t me AT ALL: “Many people find you magnetic and lovable. You have a gentle manner that makes you a favorite to be around. You have an ease that makes others feel calm. You are quick-minded but keep much of what you know to yourself. Highly sensual, your personal color helps you guard against going to extremes. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Blue Fog rekindles your spirit and reminds you to take some time for yourself.” Huh?


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  1. Mine is “Lotus,” which is a fancy description for a color that reminds me of Silly Putty. I don’t see myself painting my walls in it anytime soon, to be honest.

  2. hehe… agreed 😉

    The name is funny, “Mellow Mauve”, but the desciption is a load of rubbish. The colour ain’t that great either.

    Apparently I have “an inner voice” and I will “know what to do and when to do it.” Also my “personal color” will help me “hold the reigns while enjoying the journey.”

    So basically I’m schizophrenic and for some reason one of us wants to be Santa. Damn maybe there is a mini ferret living in my head after all!!!

  3. Orient Blue? It’s this really pretty darker blue color. And according to my “description”, I function well when I communicate my perceptive insights to a large audience.

    That’s nice to know – I mean, since seeing how I have Social Anxiety Disorder, and can’t even have a normal JOB because of it. Maybe the nice people at Pantone would like to hear about this?

  4. all i have to say is that i am NOT wearing apricot ice. ever.

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