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As Robert finally received his “Get Well” package from me today, I can now display the contents without ruining his surprise. First up is the official Version 2.0 of my iPod Jumper pattern. The striped one was sent off to my friend Kel, while the “Catboy” design was obviously for Rob. These are both knit in cotton, which seems to hold its shape a little better than the wool I tried before. They feature a velcro closure and a hole for the headphone jack. (Anybody else want one? I take commissions!) Next is a genuine, authentic Rockford Red Heel sock monkey. I really like how he turned out. I’d make more but unfortunately I don’t have any more of the socks; they’re so nice that I’ve kept the other pairs to wear!

iPod jumpers     Monkey!


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  1. Sweet … they look ace Kris!!

    Keep up the good work.

  2. the sock monkey is fantastic and brings a smile to anybody’s face who sees it. the iPod cover is effing brilliant! absolutely perfect! thaks, kris!

  3. yay, mine’s so cute… i like how it looks like a sweater. hope i get it soon, it’s still pretty cold over here in chicago and my ipod could use it!!

  4. Ah, how I envy people who are creative and crafty – nice work! I love the catboy iPod cover!

  5. Thanks! I’m pretty happy with how the cat turned out. I designed the graphic ahead of time but it’s always hard to envision how it’ll look when it’s done. Knit stitches aren’t perfect squares, which means your design gets stretched horizontally. Luckily it didn’t turn out too bad!

    I can’t wait for you to get yours, Kel. My only regret is that the blue is a little closer to “purple” than I’d like, but it was all I could find. You may find yours is a little snug around the middle because the stripes and zigzag mean that it’s twice as thick there. Should ease up a bit with use. (Rob’s design was embroidered on afterwards so his is stretchier.)

  6. Cool Sock Monkey! My Sock Monkey likes him too, maybe he’s in love. I wears the socks too, but feel vaguely distrurbed, like I’m violating him…

    Neat blog, too!

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