How Much is Inside?

I’m obsessed with How Much is Inside?. I just spent, like, an hour reading it and I’m not even halfway through. Soooo funny, especially the one about Vegemite.

Note: I’m also now obsessed with whether I should have put a period at the end of that first sentence. It just felt wrong to end with a question mark, especially one that was part of a link. I suppose I could have put the site title in quotes, in which case I think an extra period is technically incorrect, but nevertheless that still looks wrong to me. (I’m obsessed with “How Much is Inside?”.) Any thoughts from my fellow grammar-philes?


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  1. That’s a great site!

    I think that you leave off the period. I get hung up about those things too: parenthesis and quotation marks in combination with periods.

  2. on the preiod vs no period issue:
    It depends on the style that you want to use. It say either go for italics or quotes around the site’s name. This site ( has a run down on the different styles.

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