Ripples in a pool…

Attention! My plan to bring grunge back into fashion is slowly working. I spotted quilted flannel jackets at Kmart yesterday. It’s all coming together…


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  1. I’m with ya on this one!!!! I have way too many pairs of ripped jeans and Kurt Cobain-like cardigans that need to see the light of day.

  2. When I happily pointed out the flannels, Rodd was like, “Oh my god, those are so daggy. That was, like, the unofficial wardrobe of the Sydney Uni engineering department circa 1994.” And I was like, “Hey! I have one of those in storage somewhere!”

    I actually rocked the scrunchie at work last week. I was so proud. I got lots of weird looks though. 🙂

  3. Christ, hun. The fashion was the least of the worries. Bring back the music, spirit and carelessness of those days. I have a plan to bring back the early 90’s grung subculture. I think it just might come back. I’ve been wearin the flannel and ripped jeans since I was way younger. But it’s all in the mindset not the clothes.

  4. I dunno, LuLu. I certainly wouldn’t want my own mindset back from those days. I was a know-it-all alternateen dipshit. I’m more interested in the clothes (comfy and utilitarian), the music (well-written, non-corporate rock), the movies (films about twentysomethings that didn’t involve gross-out comedy) and the TV shows. (God, I miss Seinfeld.) Oh, and the irony. I love me some irony.

    I guess there were good parts to the mindset back then though. Young people were politically active. Remember when Bill Clinton got interviewed on MTV? Remember “Rock the Vote”? We could definitely use some of that now.

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