Kitten in a Box

Kitten in a BoxKitten in a Box.
Dr. Amy Jones has made using my computer damn near impossible. I must have the comfiest lap in the world, because whenever I’m sitting here she jumps up within five minutes. Then if I don’t pay enough attention to her, she moves to the desk and sprawls out in front of the keyboard. (For some reason, the Snook does not get this treatment. I think it’s because his lap is all skin and bones.) Thus I get covered in cat hair and have to hunt and peck at the keyboard around her. Today I discovered a neat compromise – I put her in a box. She likes boxes. Maybe she’s agoraphobic or something. At any rate, she was quite happy in this file box at my feet. Such a little sweetie…


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  1. i don’t know from cats, but dogs are den animals and lurve their cozy spaces. especially if they’re labeled “wool”! extra snuggly. 🙂

  2. OMYGAWD, she has gotten so BIG. wow. Sparky likes small places too. boxes, bags, etc.

  3. Yeah, she weighs like 2.5 kilos now. When the vet weighed her last time we were like, “Is she obese? Are we feeding her too much?” But she seemed to think it was okay. You can still feel her ribs under her fur. She’s just a little big… (I think she gets that from me.) 🙂

  4. Julie – my cat – likes boxes too, but I recently found out she loves those plastic see-thru boxes you can buy to put shoes in. She loves it more than just a regular box. I guess something about it being a snug fit gets her all happy and lovey. You should try it.

    OOOOOOO – have you done the “put a teeny toy in the box and watch the cat swat it around because it’s so funny” thing yet? *sigh* cats are so fun sometimes….. well, until they hack up hairballs. Has Dr. AJ done that yet?

  5. No hairballs to date. In fact, she’s been remarkably non-gross. She had two throw-ups in the first couple weeks as she adjusted to the change in diet, but other than that she’s been perfect. She’s never even *not* used the litterbox! I’m loving that.

    And yeah, the toy-in-a-box is one of her favorites. Rodd discovered that one accidentally when he dropped her mousie in an empty cardboard CD box. She loves it. 🙂

  6. Cardboard boxes are the best kitty-sitters. I’m adoring your Amy vicariously, since my little Tipsy moved in w/ Linda in Ohio. Roommates w/ allergies are poopy

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