The Worm Within

The Snook and I have a running joke that the reason he’s so skinny is a tapeworm. He calls this imaginary friend “Alphonse.” (This is apparently a reference to an earlier college joke between him and his mates, where they’d tease another guy about having one.) Today I sent him a link to “The Worm Within”, a first-person account of really having a tapeworm. *shudder* See, that‘s why I don’t eat steak tartare.


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  1. I’ve heard you can get them from sushi, too – but I love sushi!
    I figure at least I would drop a bunch of weight. This happened to Bette Midler when she had some infested sushi a couple years ago

  2. Wow, no way! The Snook eats sushi too. I’m obviously going to have to make him start examining his poo.

  3. NOOOOOOOO – THIS IS MY WORST FEAR. *got the heebies*

  4. Holy crap! That account was breathtaking. Oh God, I am *so* ordering my meat well done from now on.

  5. the horror! THE HORROR!

    and here i was, all smug, thinking i was immune to this as a pescatarian.

  6. I thought the illustrations were very good.

  7. Mmm… steak tartare

    That story, though… ick.

  8. I had a friend who had a pet cow named Steak Tartare, tee-hee

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