New theme available…

I was bored today, so there’s a new theme available! It’s bath time.


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  1. soooooo cute

  2. I like it! Changed my settings to that theme.

  3. If anybody is having trouble getting the theme to “stick”, please leave a comment and let me know what operating system and browser you are using. It’s supposed to set a cookie on your system, so if it doesn’t work something is going wrong.

  4. not sticking for me: OS winXP, browser Opera 7.23

  5. Damn. Does the comments cookie work at all? It should save your name and stuff in the form at the bottom so you don’t have to type it every time.

  6. ummm, not sure, trying comment cookie now…

  7. yeah, that seems to work. but then, today i seem to have the bubble design too. maybe it just didn’t load last time? weird.

  8. Huh, maybe it was just a browser caching issue.

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