Australian Word-of-the-Day

Australian Word-of-the-Day: “skivvies”. Okay, so in America that word is slang for underwear, right? (It’s even in a Weezer song.) Well, I recently discovered during a particularly embarrassing office conversation that that’s not what it means here. Instead it merely refers to a thin turtleneck, like in this advert. So now you know.


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  1. ooh.. the next word (well, ‘thing’) would have to be ‘tracky dacks’. ask Rod if you haven’t heard that one 😛

  2. Oh, I know tracky dacks. That was one of my first words, mostly because I used to wear them a lot! 🙂

  3. How funny that it’s in THE SWEATER SONG! (I’m never getting that out of my head, now). 😉

  4. In UK skivvie is someone who does menial tasks for a living

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