Poor Gary Oldman

Just found a great interview with Gary Oldman about his role as Sirius Black in Azkaban. (There’s a slight spoiler at the very end if you haven’t read the fifth book.) Some thoughts:

  • Gary Oldman “needed the work”? That’s a damn shame.
  • He was married to Uma? Uma Uma??
  • His kids are named Alfie, Gulliver, and Charlie. I think Charlie lucked out.
  • Someone please tell him that Friends is over.
  • Whoa, Mo Slater from EastEnders is his sister? I didn’t know that!
  • If Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs had been the Beatles, Oldman thinks that Sirius was John Lennon. I’ve never quite thought of them that way before.
  • I liked the bit where he said he was all excited about earning money for four more films… until he read the fifth book. Damn.

Overall he comes much funnier and less weird than I expected. I’m getting so excited about this movie!


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  1. luckily i have managed to work in some hospital appointments around the opening weekend, so i won’t miss out. am literally dying to see a dementor on the big screen. and buckbeak! and professor trelawney finally! esp as emma is playing her. okay, i will stop gushing now.

  2. The married to Uma thing always threw me, too, Kris. Really, it just seemed weird because it was a “secret marriage,” and I guess I don’t understand that whole concept among celebrities. (One of my first big “obsessed with celebs” moments was when I found out that Randi Oakes [from CHIPS] was once secretly married to Gregory Harrison [from Trapper John, MD]. Even though I was a little kid, I think I felt somehow *betrayed* by Hollywood!)

    Man, I was one weird little kid.

  3. I like the Beatles bit: Prongs is Paul, Sirius is John, Moony is George and poor Wormtail is Ringo..

  4. You were weird, Max, but weird in a way I can totally identify with and thus it just makes you more likeable and interesting to me. 🙂

    I’d totally agree with your Beatles breakdown, Tricia. I wonder if that’s something that Rowling herself might have had in mind. It’s not inconceivable that she could’ve told him about it as part of a character explanation…

  5. interesting…very interesting. i’m excited to see the dementors too, but so far the previews have been a little disappointing. i didn’t picture them flying around all crazy like that, with the robes a’flappin’ and whatnot. aren’t they supposed to float along more ghoulishly? did they change this up for the movie so as not to resemble similar imagery from LOTR?

  6. Hmmm… I haven’t seen any where they’re flappin’ around all crazy. Maybe you’ve been getting more previews than us.

    If you want to see some hardcore Potter fans, check out this Glitter thread. One of the girls posted photos of her HP-themed bathroom. It’s actually pretty cool. 🙂

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