Abu boo boo

Nothing ruins the buzz of a nice cold beer on a sunny day quicker than hearing your co-workers joke about the fact that your President can’t even properly pronounce the name of the prison where we’ve been illegally torturing “enemy combatants.” What an idiot.


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  1. Your president, not mine.

    It would have been great if he would’ve said Abu Dhabi – you know, that place that Garfield always tried to mail Nermal (sp)?

  2. Ah, Bushisms. My favorite is his pronounciation of nuclear (nukular).

  3. Nukular is one of my pet peeves. I HATE that one.

  4. Are you drinking on the job?

  5. You betcha. Just one of the perks of casual corporate life Down Under. Every opportunity we get – an employee leaving, a birthday, whatever – we had to the pub for lunch and beers.

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