My sister went to the American Idol Finale.

What the hell? Apparently my sister went to the American Idol finale and VIP after-party. Seriously. Those crazy L.A. people… Read on to hear an excerpt from her e-mail. (Note: It was originally sent to my Dad, which is why she explains who all the celebrities are.)

Hey, you shoulda watched American Idol last night cause I got to go to the finale show! I might have been on TV! Did you ever watch it? It was pretty cool. Sharon Osbourne (but not Ozzy) was there, and a couple
other famous people.

Then I got to go to the VIP after-party, and you’ll never believe it dad…I was standing in line behind Henry Winkler! The FONZ!!!! I wanted to get a picture with him (with thumbs-up, saying “Heeeeeyyyyy!”) but he went off with his kids to get *his* photo taken with Nicole Richie! (Lionel Richie’s daughter…that skanky girl on the FOX show “Simple Life”). Anyway, I also saw Ray Romano from Everybody Loves Raymond, and Leah Thompson (Back to the Future! Remember? Marty
McFly’s girlfriend.) oh, and Al Borland from Home Improvement! Can’t remember his real name, but he looked exactly the same as on Tool Time. 🙂 Also saw Andy Richter who used to be on the Conan O’Brien show. And we even saw one of the guys from “Queer Eye for a Straight Guy.” !!!

And that’s about it. A couple other B-list celebrities, but it was pretty cool to see the Fonz and some others, since I haven’t really seen any
super-famous people in LA yet. Cool!

In the header to that forwarded message, she added (to me):

pretty sweet, huh? i also think i saw the australian idol…does he have a big ‘fro? oh, and nicole richie TOTALLY made eye contact with me, like, twice. as i commented to my friend kristi? “okay, seriously, i think nicole richie WANTS ME.”

hmm. oh, and the guy from queer eye that we saw was jay, who is the somewhat lamest of the Fab 5…but he was still a cutie. and do you know who bobby trendy is?
this super-gay hollywood fashionista who sometimes has shows on E and was also on the anna nicole smith show? yeah, i didn’t either…but we totally got our photo taken with him anyway.

ryan seacrest is SHORT. and the sexiest thing about simon is the man’s WALK. you never see it on tv, but
he has this really proper, english way of walking that makes him soooo cute! love him!

okay, i’m done sounding like a 13-year old.

For the record that was the Australian Idol Guy Sebastian, I believe. He performed on the show last week so he probably hung around for the big winner. We don’t actually get the finale til this weekend so I’ll be watching to see if I can spot my sister!


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  1. She’s right about Simon’s walk. I saw him on MTV Cribs… and thus began a possibly lifelong obsession with the man. Yeah, he’s mean sometimes. But he’s sexy, so it’s ok. =)

  2. Your sister is also right about Ryan Seacrest being short. I saw him in a mall here in Atlanta, shopping with his mom & sister. He’s a TINY little thing.

  3. hey kris, there are 3 sections of nosebleed seats and i’m in the second one from the top (still a great view – the kodak RULES) – in the middle of the section vertically, toward the left half (from the camera’s view) horizontally. i’m wearing a white shirt over a black tank and my friend kristi has on a light-colored sweater. i SWEAR i saw us this morning when they were showing highlights, because we’re like the only people in that section *not* wearing black! check me out! HA!

  4. Was Ray Romano ever on MTV Cribs???
    I am looking for what kind of skis he had in his basement, its for an answer to a trivia question I have….Thanks for anyones help….

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