The Mystery of Britney’s Breasts

The Mystery of Britney Spears’s Breasts. (Note: Probably not safe for work.) Compelling. As most women know, some size fluctuation is to be expected (from being hormonal, gaining weight, etc). And in a couple of those shots, she could theoretically be wearing a Wonderbra. But still… That’s some big fluctuation, especially since she’s clearly flat-chested in a couple of the photos.


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  1. I won’t get graphic, but I’m the same way she is. I just have to make sure I ALWAYS wear a bra so it looks like I have a chest.

  2. HOWEVER…. and yeah, i just thought about this……. i saw a picture of her somewhere – don’t remember where – but this pic made it look like she DOES have implants now. So who knows.

  3. I get that small boobies can look bigger with certain bras and camera angles, but I’m at a loss to explain some of those D-cup photos were taken. It’s really weird.

  4. The only pictures that looked odd were the early one in the white sweater, where she’s probably wearing falsies, and the later one in the bikini (very flat) where the photo looks airbrushed. Everything else looked explainable through normal teenage growth (I think it’s pretty normal to grow a cup size or 2 between ages 16 and 20), weight gain, and the right (or wrong) underwear.

    I started following the link at the office, and then realized what I was doing as “Britney Spear’s Breasts” flashed across the explorer and I quickly closed the window. Not a good idea.

  5. Whoops… Sorry about that. I should’ve labeled it Not Safe for Work. I’ll correct that now.

    I wondered about falsies myself. I read that you can get a very realistic look with those “chicken cutlet” looking things.

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