Harry Potter costume badges

My Hogwarts costume for the Prisoner of Azkaban premiere is nearly complete. Earlier this week I managed to locate an image of the Gryffindor crest, which I painstakingly traced in Illustrator. I found a great “Dumbledore’s Army” insignia too. I’m thinking of printing them on iron-on paper, transferring to fabric, and then sewing the fabric to pieces of felt for stability. Overkill? Probably, but what the hell. 🙂

I’ve uploaded the high-resolution images if you want them yourself. (Gryffindor | D.A.) They’re each at 300dpi, which means they’ll look huge on your screen. When printed out, they’re just about full page size. You can shrink them for badges or keep them large for posters. Get them now if you want them, because they’re large files and if I get too much direct-linking abuse, I’ll take ’em down.

Gryffindor Badge     Dumbledore's Army


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  1. Oh wow! Go Kris! I just printed mine out from the gifs I nicked from someones yahoo auction! It gave it the faux embroidery look I was going for! If you’re dressing up as a student from Hogwarts, I don’t think that you can *ever* overkill.

  2. Yeah, the original Gryffindor image I had was embroidered, but I thought the look of the stitches might make it look blurry (especially since it was pretty low-res). At least nobody will mistake these! 🙂

  3. Ooh, just thought of something: I need to find grey knee socks! Where did you get yours, oh Luna Lovegood?

  4. i don’t think overkill comes into the equation either! you will have kids mugging you at the cinema for your costume rather than your sneakers.

  5. can you post me gryffinbor badge

  6. Thanks so much – very appreciated


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