Miriam the Intruder

Oh, good grief. Remember Miriam, the transsexual who caused all the controversy in that British reality show last year? Apparently she’s going to be a Big Brother intruder starting on Sunday. Channel 10 didn’t start airing There’s Something About Miriam til after BB started, so theoretically the housemates won’t know anything about her. It’s cheap, it’s exploitative, it’s crass… and I’m ashamed to say I’ll probably watch.


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  1. BB UK has a transexual as a housemate …

  2. I read something about that. And you’ve got a couple gays this year too, right? I guess they decided to go the “Jerry Springer” route to liven it up a little…

  3. Basically…
    1 Transexual
    2 Gay guys
    1 lesbian – now evicted
    1 (at least) pseudo bi girl
    1 pseudo bi guy.

    Already there has been girl on girl snogging and one girl (same as the girl on girl) jumping into bed with one of the guys and something happening but not full on. It seems this yr a number of them have chosen characters to act as.

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