Indiana boy wins National Spelling Bee

Woohoo! A 14-year-old kid from South Bend, Indiana won the National Spelling Bee this year. Give it up for the local boy!

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  1. Yeah, I watched it. It was so funny how, AFTER HE FAINTED, he gets back up and, without missing a beat, spells the word correctly!!!! That’s dedication to your “art”.

  2. i didn’t realize he was from The Bend! i heard him breathlessly spelling the winning word (so Spellbound worthy!) on NPR but it looks like it wasn’t the winner who fainted. now that would have been a hollywood ending!

  3. hey kris, did i tell you dan and i finally watched spellbound? we liked it so much and kept it for so long that blockbuster finally charged us for it and we OWN it now. ha!

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