The Field Guide to Spotting Annoying Parents

The Field Guide to Spotting Annoying Parents. Very funny. See, this is why we don’t reproduce. Hmmm, maybe I could write a version about cat owners…


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  1. I can’t get to it… Is that the guy selling his kid’s PS2?

  2. Yeah 😉

    (In Brief)

    13 year old kid came home when no-one was home with friends. Trashed the place and drank beers.

    Next morning, mum woke up to find a bugle she was going to sell on eBay was broken since the kid had “played” it. Plus found a cork from – Dom Perignon champagne- 1995-$120, which they had saved for a year for that special occasion. Kid had opened it, drank some then put half of the cork back with the metal top.

    So in return to pay for everything and punishment, they are selling his PS2.


  3. thats dumb

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