An Unhealthy Obsession

So have I mentioned that I’m completely obsessed with this Pepsi Win an iPod competition? (Shut up. I know, I’ve already got an iPod. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want another one, especially if it’s newer and cooler and free!) The idea is that you SMS your name and the code from the back of the bottle wrapper, and every hour they have a drawing from all the entries received in that hour and the winner gets a new 15GB iPod! And they’re doing this every hour for six weeks! I’m like, “How many people are there in Australia anyway?! And how many will play as hardcore as me?! None! I’m a shoo-in!” Now of course normally I’m a loyal Diet Coke drinker, but I figured I might as well switch it up for the duration of the contest. (Just call me Violet Beauregarde.) Thus I find myself slogging away through my sixth bottle of “Pepsi Light” – which, by the way, sucks ass. But like I said, I’m now obsessed with this contest. I’ve actually had in-depth mathematical discussions with the Snook about ways to increase my probability of winning. (For instance, if you’ve got two codes, do you send them in during the same hour or separate? We decided “separate”, but it’s a long explanation…) Last night I actually set the alarm clock and sent one in at 2:30 a.m., and then another at 5:30 when Amy woke me up. (The theory being, of course, that most people aren’t hardcore enough to send them in the dead of night.) Then I went back to sleep and had crazed dreams that I had actually won, and I was telling everybody, and I was the coolest kid in school (because for some reason I was in high school in the dream), and it was the greatest thing ever, and I was so disappointed when I woke up and discovered that I was a big fat loser that I went right back out and bought some more Pepsi Light so I could try again.

Maybe I need to lay off the caffeine.


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  1. Either lay off the caffeine or remember that, for the cost of the Pepsi and phone calls, you could buy one and get change left over.

  2. too funny. at least between the caffeine and all the drinking, you should have no trouble staying away at night, or waking up in the middle of the night to pee!

  3. Nah, I’ve worked out the cost. The iPods they’re giving away retail for $450, and the combined cost of my Pepsi and SMS is probably about $3. So I can drink a lot of pop before I start to feel ripped off. Besides, I was drinking a Diet Coke every day anyway. I’ve just temporarily switched brands. So I’m not really spending any money I wouldn’t have spent anyway… (At least, that’s what I tell myself.)

    But man, this Pepsi makes me WAY more wired than Diet Coke. I wonder if it’s the caffeine or the different sweetener they use? I sent a manic e-mail to the Snook about how crazy this stuff is making me feel and his sole response was: “Remember, excessive consumption can have a laxative effect.” Ewwwww.

  4. I still think you are the coolest kid in school

  5. For some reason as soon as I saw this T-shirt, I thought of you.

    I can just see you know opening up a “CAN OF WHOOPASS” on someone 😉

  6. pepsi max is about the only diet drink i can stomach – an i too have been going a bit crazy with the comp. i have promised my sister she can have it if i win. is it just the thrill i am seeking, or just an unhealthy obssession with apple products?
    by the way, kris, how are the new headphones? my right side has died but i begrudge paying $60 for them…

  7. Well… they’re really not that great. For some reason no matter which size I use, they ALWAYS pop out of my eyes. I have to keep shoving them back in there. Part of me says I should’ve gotten a pair of the Shure phones or something else good, but I’m still superficial enough to like having the white wires. *sheepish*

  8. sad to say, but i have the same reason for wanting to replace them with proper headphones. i have a cheap shoddy pair at the moment and the black just looks atrocious against the gleaming iPod surface 🙂

  9. kris – i think i’ve figured out your problem with the ipod earphones. “they ALWAYS pop out of my eyes” you should try putting them in your EARS, not your eyes! ;o)

  10. HAHAHAHA… I so didn’t catch that. 🙂

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