Running Update

Running Update
You may have noticed a considerable hole in my training schedule. Basically, the pain in my left foot I experienced after my last run (and the one previous) got worse and worse over several days. I’m fairly certain it’s from the way I “pronate” (i.e. roll) my foot to the outside. I could barely stand to walk on it. I spoke to the doctor about it and she gave me an X-ray referral to check if I have a stress fracture. I haven’t used it yet. The pain is gone and the race is in a week. There just isn’t time. I did a short run on it today and it’s feeling all right. I know I need rest and new shoes, and I figure I can get both of those after the race. And if it hurts after the 10K… I’ll get the X-ray. I promise. I just don’t want to miss the race. I’m planning to take it nice and easy. My goal at this point is just to finish.


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  1. A stress fracture is unlikely (but who am I to say; not a doctor, anyway), unless you’ve been running very hard indeed. I thought for a number of years that I was experiencing recurring pain in my foot as a result of a bone I’d broken many years previously coming back to haunt me when I resumed exercise, but the pain in my toes turned out to be gout, a condition that has only be eliminated from my system with a significant reduction in beer consumption, although allopurinol and colchicine helped immeasurably while I preferred medication over healthy lifestyle choices. The x-ray suggested arthritis, as the uric acid crystals showed up as a sharp ridge in the joint, but again, that was a misdiagnosis. These things can be hard to figure out.

  2. Huh. You’re the third guy I know who has gout. It’s funny, I always thought it was something that really old chubby men got. Now I know…

    I’m still wondering about my foot. (I don’t think it’s gout.) It could just be that I need to get some new shoes. I think the running surface makes a difference too. I switched treadmills at the gym (they’ve got different brands and some are really bouncy) and yesterday I even ran outside. It seems to have helped. I’m not nearly so sore today.

  3. Glad that the surface change has helped and that you’re feeling less sore.

    I guess a sports doctor could help with a diagnosis, but they’re rarely around when you need them.

  4. Do you ever wear heels to work? More than a few times a week? I cut down on wearing mine, even the smallest heel…because I started to get pretty continuous throbbing, burning pain, primarily on the bottom of my right foot but sometimes left, in the pad just under my last three toes. They did an ultrasound and it’s called a neuroma…you might want to do some research on those and see if that’s a possibility. I forget where you said it hurt exactly. It’s basically a nerve that goes on the fritz, and can be aggravated by walking on heels too much or in shoes that are just plain not right for you, i.e. have too little/too much arch support…my love of flip-flops does not help the situation.

    You should really look into orthotics, tho’ they’ll be expensive. Mine were a lifesaver in the big race.

  5. Nah, I just linked back to that post. I remember now. Probably not a neuroma, but still something orthotics might help.

  6. Nah, I don’t wear heels. I can’t, remember? Too clumsy. I fall enough as it is.

    I’m planning to get fitted for orthotics but right now we’re in the waiting period for them on our new insurance. As soon as we clear that (which is probably months, the money-grubbing bastards), I’m booking us both in to the podiatrist.

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