More Gmail invites…

Didn’t find anything interesting in my blog routine today, but I did discover three more invites from Gmail! They’re tossing these things out left and right. Who wants?


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  1. One down… Sent as an exceptionally nerdy birthday present to my cousin Jenny!

  2. Kris–I’d like one if you still have any left. Muchas gracias!

  3. hey – yahoo just bumped up their free email storage space to 100mb, so that’s sweet. I’m going to keep that for personal emails (since everyone has that address already) while using gmail for everything else.

  4. If deemed worthy, I’d like one, if you have any left. Thanks.

  5. me! sheesh, that sounded like begging. hehe

  6. Max and Miftik got ’em. (I had to invent a full name to send yours to, though, Miftik.) 🙂

    That’s it, folks, all gone. You’re first on the list if I get anymore, Yasmin!

  7. have you seen this? interesting…

  8. Yeah, it was on MetaFilter recently. The general consensus was that it’s just stupidity. Google doesn’t “read” your mail anymore than every single other mail server on the planet does. Besides, the guy that runs that site is the conspiracy theorist wacko search engine spammer that also runs google-watch.

  9. To quote my 9th grade self, “You roxor my soxors!” Thanks!

  10. Truly, thou art the web-goddess. Many thanks, Kris!

  11. thank you, Kris!

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