Max pointed me towards this article about the “new” trend of parents buying their daughters breast enlargements as a graduation gift. As Max said, this isn’t really news. One of my good friends had it done after our college graduation a few years ago. It was kinda shocking to me, to tell you the truth. This was a georgeous girl who had a long-term boyfriend (and a constant flock of male hangers-on) who just happened to be a little flat-chested. She was also brilliant and I have no doubt she’s rocking the corporate world somewhere. I just didn’t get why she needed that to complete herself. It just seems like a weird thing for an otherwise well-adjusted person to want, you know? Granted, I’m not flat-chested and I haven’t been in a long time. It’s just that I would’ve given anything to trade places with her back then – pretty, popular, skinny, great family, direction in life, everything. It completely floored me that her parents paid thousands of dollars just so she could have boobs. It’s like gilding the lily, you know?

The evil imp on my left shoulder – his name is Schadenfreude – wants me to add that I gave her a hug a few months after her surgery and was happy to note that though her new boobs looked good, they felt like baseballs against my chest. We all need to feel smug about something, I guess.