Cat Photos

Cat Photos. The last refuge of the bored blogger. Let’s just say it’s been an extremely boring week on the Internet for me, folks. From left to right here you’ve got: “Kitten in a Box”; “A Geek and his Cat”; and “Kitten in the Sink.” If I can’t keep you entertained, I can at least help you meet your daily cuteness quotient.

Kitten in a Box     A Geek and his Cat     Kitten in the Sink


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  1. Ok, “A Geek and his Cat” is adorable. I miss my cat being that small.

    Now he just needs to wear a polar fleece vest (one size too big) for her to climb in and sleep.

  2. oh my gosh, she is so cute!! And i’m not even a cat person…

  3. For the “Geek” pic, well you can tell she’s wanting to play with the mouse. 😉

    On a Geek note, tell Rodd that due to Alex Bull, I’ve started playing a text based MUD again….how sad in this day of 3D wizardry. 😉

  4. oh, my teeth hurt from all that sugar

  5. i LOVE the sink pic

  6. there is no such thing as posting too many cat photos! and i miss the days of mina being that small too. especially when she still uses my shoulder to be chauffered around the house…

  7. Your little girl is growing up! She looks really fit too(not that I’m suprised)! Awwww.
    I’m with Robert, there’s no such thing as too many cat photos!

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