Coke bottle conspiracy theories

Somehow the other night the Snook and I got to talking about Coca-Cola (I think I was regretting my Pepsi iPod contest obsession) and he suddenly started telling me this crazy story about how a bored factory worker from Indiana designed the distinctive bottle shape to mimic the leaves of either a kola nut or a coca leaf, but he messed up and turned the wrong page in the encycloped and ended up basing it on the cacao bean instead. He’s always telling me crazy things like this. “You’re so making that up,” I said. Turns out he wasn’t. How crazy is that?


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  1. Have you heard about C2? Half the carbs and half the calories?

  2. Yeah… It’s not out in Australia yet though. I kinda think it’s a silly idea. Diet Coke is already low-carb!

  3. Hehehe… The Snook’s brain, one of the unknown wonders of the world. Where do all those facts come from?

  4. has anyone tried c2 or pepsi edge yet? how are they? i know the diets have no cals, but i simply HATE them. i’ve been drinking the real stuff my whole life, hundreds of calories and all. so, i would love to see if i can stand the new lower calorie drinks… at least it’s a start for me!

  5. There’s another one I just tried over here in the US – Diet Coke with Lime. Actually pretty good!

  6. Jay at The Zero Boss gave C2 a glowing review, Kel. Said it lacked the chemical nastiness that kept him away from diet colas.

    I tried Diet Coke with Lime last month but didn’t like it much, Ben. I’ll stick with plain or my beloved Vanilla.

    It’s funny, I could never drink diet soda before either, Kel. In fact, I was a Pepsi drinker all growing up. I didn’t adjust to Coke til we were in college, mostly because that’s what Papa Johns brought. (Mmm, Papa.) When I made the switch to Diet Coke, I started with the Lemon version. The Pledgeness of it covered up the diet factor. It was still vile, but I managed to choke it down. Eventually I switched over to plain Diet Coke and that tasted good! Now I’m hooked. (I used the same strategy with Guinness to develop my beer taste.) Of course, now I’m sucking down Pepsi Max for this damn contest. It must use a different sweetener or something though, because this shit makes me WIRED. I can feel my heart racing. It’s like Calvin eating Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs.

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