Free tickets to “Super Size Me” for Macca’s employees

Hee! Dendy Films (which is an Australian chain of arthouse cinemas) is offering free tickets to Super Size Me to any McDonald’s employee. That cracks me up. On a related note, Macca’s has become rattled enough about the film’s reception Down Under to start airing commercials defending themselves.


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  1. Their defence is pretty damn weak, too! They mostly try to point out lame, techincal things like ‘we don’t have Super-Sizing in Australia’ or that ‘our yoghurt desserts have less calories than those Parfaits in the US’. Their ads haven’t done anything to sway me because they can’t actually point out anything Morgan Spurlock actually got wrong in a real sense. I love watching these big companies scramble to cover their assess 🙂

  2. I know. Ironically, I think they might have more credibility (with me at least) if they hadn’t made all those “healthy” changes in the past year. It’s like, “The movie sucks, and it’s completely inaccurate, and our food isn’t unhealthy at all, yet we’re suddenly falling all over ourselves to offer salads and low-sugar hamburger buns. Uh, for no reason.” Riiiight. They should just go, “Yeah, of course it’s unhealthy. It’s JUNK FOOD. That’s the damn point.” I’d respect that more.

  3. only in australia

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