New Movable Type Licences

New licensing terms for Movable Type have been announced, and they’re much more reasonable. Good on ’em. I still can’t see paying more than $20 for a piece of software myself these days (unless it’s an operating system), but this should make some folks happy.


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  1. Not much costs less than $20 πŸ™

    I’ve bought 3 shareware packages for the PC in the last year. 1 of them sold out so that sucked, another has gone into hibernation in developing the program though not much else is needed, and the last one i’m actively involved in bug finding / suggesting improvements etc.

    My respect for some PC developers has been returned as just yesterday, I’ve managed to replace my system admin “bought” software with freeware equivalents.

    What’s it like for Mac people, do new programs come out that do nothing and they charge $20+ for it? I think I’ve seen a few around like that. Guess it just takes a while to find free replacements.

    Thought its good now regging software since the dollar is so weak πŸ˜‰ Most of the ones I have regged has been around the $20-25 mark = Β£13ish which is not too bad.

  2. Most of the software I use is free, to tell you the truth. There’s quite a bit of open source and freeware out there for OS X. I just downloaded a couple different editors the other day because I was getting tired of BBEdit Lite. The only things I’ve registered at all for this computer are VueScan and icWord. Other than that, I’ve paid for iLife and my various OS updates. Oh, and a couple copies of The Sims. The only other thing I’d consider would be LaunchBar, because it rocks. And I’m happy to report that there isn’t a SINGLE bit of illegal software on the whole machine!

  3. Tut tut re last sentence… πŸ˜‰ That’s no fun.

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