Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair

The Craft and Quilt Fair is on this weekend! Any of you Sydneysiders want to meet up Saturday?


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  1. I’ll come!

  2. I’m supposed to be going with my crafty friend Punkmother, but she’s dying of some lurgy at the moment.

  3. Did you make it to the Yarn-A-Rama tonight? Amy and I were there hanging around in the back. We’re thinking now of doing the Craft Fair on Sunday so we can hit the Newtown knitting group on Saturday. You’re welcome to join us for both days!

  4. I only found out about Tea in the Library when I read your site last night, and I was knackered. My friend Punkmother can’t do the craft fair Sunday because her partner is working. But I think I’ll go anyway, because I need to spend more money (NOT). What time is the Newtown knitting thing? I have a dentists appointment 10:30 – 12.

  5. Starts at about 2:30, runs til 4 or 5. Details here. They’re pretty nice folks!

  6. Im SO tempted, but realistically I need to clean the flat. Boring, but I’ve developed this anal need to have everything clean by Saturday afternoon.But that does leave Sunday free for the Craft Fair ; )

  7. Ooh! Ooh! I was anti-social and went today with my Mother. Be sure to get a good nights sleep the night before so as not to get stroppy at all of the elderly patrons who will also attend. I picked up some really nice silk fibres, a small bag of alpaca and some bamboo and soya silk. I was so in spinning mode, but there were some nice wool stalls(BENDIGO! BENDIGO!!! They had a small but adequete selection), loads of chunky boucle mohair, and a little corner for the freeform knitting, which wasn’t really my thing although I was hoping it would be.
    Also, you can play a variation of the game “Punch Buggy” wherein where you see a volkswagon beatle you get to punch the person next to you and say “Punchbuggy”, where you punch the person next to you when you see a “feathers” scarf.
    Oops I left the longest message ever. How was Tea in the Library?

  8. Helen, you never fail to make me laugh! Punch-feathers. Sad but true.
    Kris, that’s cool, I wont make it to Newtown, I have to get some housework/shopping done this weekend. But I’m down for Sunday. What time are we thinkin?
    Sidherian, you should SO come on Sunday, it will be so good to put a face to a name! We can drool over the Bendigo stuff.

  9. I’ve decided I’m going, because Punkmother is now well, but thehusband is working all day & she’s stuck with the kids. So I’ve been instructed to shop for both of us.

    You can send me email at

  10. Kickass! Amy’s going to try to contact you as well, but if you don’t hear from her, we’ve planned to meet at noon near the funky spirally fountain near Jordan’s in Darling Harbour. You know, the one that’s like in a hole and the water runs down and all the tourists stand in it. That one. I’ll see you guys there!

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