Kitty Update

Kitty Update: Well, whatever it was, it fell off. I picked her up this morning to check and it’s not there anymore. She’s got a tiny little bald patch and the skin underneath is slightly pink. I’m taking this as confirmation that it was just a scab. We’ll be monitoring it but I’m glad we didn’t bother going to the vet.


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  1. there you go, tumours don’t just fall out of the body! although i am sure that nurse on duty would tell you so.

  2. I should’ve just deferred to the wisdom and experience of catboy immediately! 🙂

    (Hey, I left a comment on your site offering you my old iPod ear buds if you want them!)

  3. man, i didn’t even see it! thanks so much, but i just won an ebay auction for the in-ear kind. only got them about $20 cheaper, but hey, if that was a sale i would be happy 🙂

    and believe me, there is no wisdom to the catboy…

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