Female Urination Innovation!

Kirsty has pointed me to some new breakthroughs in female urination technology. BBC News Online has apparently recruited some women to try them out at Glastonbury. Ma Snook has a device very similar to “The Whiz”, which she swears by. And I love the fact that the manufacturer “recommends using the Whiz in a urinal or toilet if possible, to prevent pollution of local water courses.” Riiiight. Like men follow that rule.


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  1. =O wrong link! i wanna see this

  2. Hahaha… Fixed, thanks.

  3. Ah the She pees. The reports I heard from women who tried them were good. The drop loos are much better than the portaloos BTW. Less smelly.

  4. Drop loos? What are they, like, a hole in the ground?

  5. Basically. A set of cubicles with no tops over a hole in the ground. Quite effective and far less smelly than the alternatice. However no locks on the doors and some people were not too observant about shecking for feet.

    Also not a good idea to look down.

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