Belly dancing.

I’m thinking of taking a belly dancing class. Any of y’all ever done anything like that?


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  1. I’ve never taken a class, but I do the Veena and Neena tapes. After a while, your belly and your hips and ass just feel like they’re gonna fall off. And if you’re like me, you’re gonna bust out laughing at weird times – partly because of the way your fat jiggles, partly how it looks, and then partly because you realize how stupid you look doing it. But you know…. after a while your abs and legs will hurt from sucking them in the whole time, and you’ll have fun doing it. what more do you need from a work-out other than fun?

  2. Oh that’ll be a site!!!

  3. you should do one of the classes at Amera’s Palace in Newtown, totally the best 🙂

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