Festival of Carbs

Sick Kris = Festival of Carbs. Seriously. I baked an apricot and macadamia cheesecake Monday “for Snookums” and I’ve been plowing through it ever since. It makes me feel better. (Link courtesy of awful cufflinks.)

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  1. Yuuum!

    Hope you feel better soon, Kris. 🙂

  2. Thanks… I just feel so pathetic right now. For God’s sake, I CRIED during the big double wedding on Neighbours tonight! I hate being sick.

  3. Hm, I can’t really fault you there, since I cry at EVERYTHING. I was watching Lizzie McGuire earlier (pathetic enough in itself) and shed a tear when her boyfriend broke up with her.

    Er, but I digress. Sickness is bad. Go away sickness.

  4. if you’re doing carbs, get some cheese and onion chips. will do a world of delicious goodness.

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