Joy of Tech

Hee hee. Joy of Tech made fun of Wil Wheaton’s blog.


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  1. that’s hella funny. 😉

  2. You don’t like Wil?

  3. I LOVE HIS BLOG. I’ve always loved him. You should have seen me when I first discovered his blog. I was in HEAVEN!!! He is a little weepy on it, but I still love it. FOR SHAME, KRIS…. FOR SHAAAAAAAAAME!!!

  4. I used to like him, but that was before he flamed us. That’s when I jumped on the backlash bandwagon. It drives me up the wall how every mundane post of his is followed by 250 sycophantic comments. Remember how they stuffed the Bloggies ballotbox for him a couple years ago and he won, like, every category? Just irks me. (And then there was that whole “Hey readers, why don’t you Paypal me some cash so I can take my wife out for Valentine’s Day, since I don’t spend much time with her on account of this blog” fiasco.) Young Will, nice. Old Egotistical Will, evil.

  5. saucer of milk, table 8!
    good one Kris.

  6. I swear on everything that is holy, if my husband ever said he didn’t have time to spend with me because of his blog…..

    Perhaps someone should try for a more lucrative job other than hustling other geeks who don’t know better. Gross

  7. WOW – totally forgot that whole thing. I stand corrected. I’m dropping my Wil Wheaton flag and coming back to your side of the line.

    In other news, I just totally showed myself how long I’ve been reading your site. I went to the archive link and said “OH YEAH – I totally remember this-post-and-that-one… *voice trailing off* I had a completely DIFFERENT live back then. God, I’m so old.

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