Bad idea.

Good idea: Remembering to worm the cat tonight as per our vet’s instructions.

Bad idea: Thinking this could be easily accomplished.
Bad idea #2: Getting the syringe-with-goo stuff instead of the tablet.
Bad idea #3: “Okay Snookums, you wrap her up in a towel and hold her still while I squirt it in her mouth.”

As you might expect, this led to her clamping her jaw, freaking out, and whipping her head around so that what little goo I managed to squeeze out ended up all over her chin.

Not-so-good idea: Giving up.
Not-so-good idea #2: Mixing the remaining goo with some food and putting it in her bowl, trusting that even though she’d already eaten dinner, she’s a gluttonous little pig and she’d eat it anyway.

She ate it anyway. We felt smug and smart. Fifteen minutes later she puked everything up. We felt stupid. Now we have to do it all over again tomorrow.


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  1. yikes. that sounds hard!

    we gave rosie her heartworm medecine by breaking the pill up into little chunks and then ‘hiding’ the pill bits inside little bits of meat. she liked that!

  2. We discovered at the pet store that they’ve got this “Revolution” stuff which takes care of fleas and worms all in one. You just squeeze a little bit between her shoulders every month. It was expensive but we figure it’s worth it to save the hassle.

  3. This was on Metafilter a while back – your experience could be similar to this guy’s.

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