I found it! TIME Magazine was the culprit. In the very last paragraph of this story, he mentions that he’s been living with a man for three years and that he now describes himself as a “queer artist.”
I’m not as upset as I was. TIME’s story isn’t called “Michael Stipe is GAY!”, and the admission doesn’t seem to have been dropped as a bombshell. So it’s not as exploitative and promotional as I thought. I guess he just wanted to try and slip it in there under the radar. Good for him. I’m gonna stop talking about it now, because it isn’t anybody’s business but his.
(Although I will snarkily remark that this makes yet another similarity between Stipey and my ex.)


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  1. I had a little crush on him in the mid-80s, when he came across like a mumbly, down to earth, extremely hip college art major. He was cuter then, too.

  2. Yeah. Unfortunately out of that description, I’d only attribute “mumbly” to him nowadays.

    Wait… mid-80’s?? You liked him with THE HAIR? Eww. I only crushed on him once he lost the mop. 🙂

  3. Some people look better with hair. Stipe is one of ’em.

  4. i’m with you, howie. bald/shaved is better.

    and as for his “coming out,” it doesn’t come as too big of a surprise since he’s been describing himself as “pansexual” for a while. i’m just glad to hear he’s in a meaningful, committed relationship.

    :::don’t get me started on the whole catholic thing, i could be distracted from work for hours:::

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