Drunken Snookums!

Drunken Snookums!
No, we haven’t been to the birthday drinkies yet. It’s just this funny game that Kathleen sent me. The goal is to get your little drunk guy to walk as far as possible by correcting his motion with your mouse. (My best score was, like, 39 meters.) Kathleen quite astutely noted that the character bears an awfully close resemblance to the Snook!


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  1. I could only get to 39, too.

  2. I got 51 meters my first time and couldn’t repeat it…the trick seems to be not to move the mouse at all…once you’re start swinging back and forth, the Snook is hammered.

  3. Ok, I got 72 meters, and barely moved my hand.

  4. 81. If only I were so skilled in reality…

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