And Ralph Fiennes as You-Know-Who… I gotta say, that’s some inspired casting. He’ll be perfect. (Once you give him some slitty red eyes, of course.)


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  1. I loved the idea when I heard it because I think he is a good actor. Now that it has sunk in, I think he’s too good looking. I hope he does a really good job, otherwise how are we supposed to dislike you-know-who?! /sigh

  2. oh. i think fiennes’ll do a great job. he can definitely do scary and evil.

  3. Definite thumbs up on the casting from me, too! Re: the ‘too good looking’ comment, I’m sure the make-up department will take care of that. 😉

    I think that Miranda Richardson for Rita Skeeter is also a good choice, despite the fact that she usually plays a more ‘royal’ baddie. She can do that wacky and weird persona thing so very well.

  4. Ralph is perfect, because you know that to be truely evil one must be beautiful (the whole handsome devil thing).

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