Dawn Fraser

We were watching telly tonight and a preview came on for an upcoming interview with Dawn Fraser. “Why do I know that name?” I asked. “She was a famous Australian Olympic swimmer,” Snookums replied. “She set a bunch of records in the sixties but then got banned for some incident about a flag.” Huh? A flag incident? He did some Googling to dig up the details for me. Turns out it really happened! She and some mates basically got drunk after the closing ceremony at the Tokyo ’64 Games and tried to steal a flag from the Imperial Hotel. Just another example of the Australian penchant for celebrating larrikins. On a related note, I can’t wait for the Games to start so Roy and HG will return to our screens. I really should tape it so you Yanks can see what you’re missing.

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  1. i want me some Roy and HG! mark has The Dream on video from the sydney olympics. toooo funny.

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