Ebert really likes Brittany Murphy. I mean, really. The pedestal has come crashing down to earth.


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  1. He reviewed it this weekend on “Ebert & Roeper,” and gave the same weirdo “Brittany Murphy is a movie star!” speech there as well. Roeper totally dissed the movie, and guess what Ebert’s reply was?

    “I don’t know why you hate Brittany Murphy so much.”

    I’m worried about Roger now. At the end of the show, Richard Roeper (who really is as dumb as a post, let’s be honest) joked that “Little Black Book” might have been better if it had taken place in the middle of the ocean, like “Open Water.” Ebert was visibly PISSED.

  2. lol. i can’t stand Roeper. i saw his review for Home at the End of the World, and his reason for not liking it made no sense. that’s when i knew he was stupid.

    as for Murphy, i like her. i’ve liked her since Clueless, and it would be interesting to see what she can do in a serious, dramtic role. Ebert can be strange and off the wall with his reviews, and he may just love her, but i agree, she has talent. she just needs to start picking better movies.

  3. Roeper would agree with you on that last point, as he described Murphy’s career as “a series of train wrecks.” I thought Ebert was going to have another stroke then and there.

  4. I thought she was quite good in Riding In Cars With Boys, but she’s usually pretty annoying (especially in 8 Mile, ugh!).

  5. I liked her in Clueless but to be honest, I haven’t watched a single other full-length film that she’s made. She just completely grates and annoys me every time I see her. And she dated Ashton Kutcher. Let’s be honest, Eeb, the second coming of Meryl Streep she is not.

    Secretly I have to admit though that Ebert’s sometimes random taste is part of his charm for me. Everybody has their guilty pleasures, I guess. I just wish he’d champion an underdog, rather than an overexposed bug-eyed pseudo-anorexic weirdo.

  6. I also liked her in Clueless but stopped liking her when she became a bleach-blonde anorexic cokehead. seriously, look at the girl! maybe she’s not a cokehead but she definitely has the rex, big time. she’s got the classic huge head, sunken eyes, heroin addict look about her. it grosses me out.

  7. I like ol’ Ebert, but that review was just a little creepy. My favorite part is the end of the article, where he describes the actions of what sounds like a drug-fogged Brittany at the Independent Spirit Awards as brilliant screwball comedy.

  8. Lucy, I was totally about to agree with you.
    AND, Ebert’s always been like this. He likes Jennifer Lopez a lot too. He basically gave Gigli an A for effort.
    And he HATES John Travolta.

    That said, Brittany Murphy has something and could be a lot better than she has been if she had the right script. (NOT a serious dramatic role. A really good comedy as opposed to something where she hits phones with hockey sticks.)

  9. I forgot about his Jennifer Lopez crush! He totally loves her. It’s kinda cute. And nobody that hates John Travolta can be bad. *shudder*

  10. i like her

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