I Love the O.C.

Me: Why haven’t Ryan and Marissa kissed yet? Jeez, it took, like, four years on the Creek for Pacey and Joey to get together!
Snookums: Yeah, but this is a sexy show. It runs at, like, quadruple speed.

Sure enough, there they are hookin’ up on a Ferris Wheel in the next preview! Man, I love this show. There really is no better way to relax from a crap day than a couple glasses of red wine, reheated curry, and yet another premiere episode of The O.C. I can’t wait for next episode when they all go back to school and Seth hooks up with that Jennifer Tilley-lookin’ chick.


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  1. Heh. I’m totally getting into The O.C., too. Gotta love the chemistry between Ryan and Marissa, woo!

  2. Eh… I like ’em, but to be honest, I think my favorite character is Tate Donovan. That guy has aged well. I mean, he looks better than he did back when he made Space Camp. I annoy the Snook through each episode with my “Jinx and Max, friends foreeeeever” quotes.

  3. Hee, isn’t it great? Personally, I can’t stand Ryan and Marissa — well, mostly Marissa. Mischa Barton is unbelievably bad. But adore Tate Donovan! And Kirsten and Sandy are my favorite. Oh, you’ve got some good stuff to look forward to.

  4. Between TD, Joaquin Phoenix, and Kelly Preston, Space Camp has quite the alumni roster of people who were pretty unknown at the time.

  5. And come on, Lea Thompson! She was Marty McFly’s Mom! 🙂

  6. Hehe – well, I have to admit that Mischa Barton is um, kind of wooden. And the way she stares freaks me out sometimes. I was hoping this would improve in later episodes, but from what you’ve just said, it apparently doesn’t! After seeing last night’s ep, I have to admit that I have a teeny tiny crush on Ryan, though. Aw, come on – he’s totally got that rebel James Dean thing goin’ on!

  7. Viva la leather wrist cuff! I wasn’t feeling the Ryan-love until he hooked up with that “Seth’s Grandma” chick. Not that that was a nice guy maneuver, but I was impressed with his kissing style onscreen. There was some definite sex appeal there. Some guys – and yes, Van Der Beek, I’m looking your way – just can’t kiss women in front of a camera and look like they aren’t munching her lips.

  8. Ahhh, not the Beek’s kissing style… nooo, the mental imagery.

  9. Yowch. I guess that could’ve used a warning there.

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